Vintage Quilts You Never Want To Forget

15 Vintage Quilts To Steal Your Heart

Vintage quilts are truly an inspiration. So much care was taken with the perfection of each quilt. Stand back and admire their beauty with awe, especially knowing and understanding the work that went into them, from start right through to the finish. Vintage modern quilting fabric is easily available, but the fabrics from way back that have made these vintage quilts are unique in their own sense.

There’s an essence to vintage fabric that’s hard to describe. They’re so pretty, leaving you feeling like you’ve fallen in love all over again.

I saw the first vintage pattern, and couldn’t stop looking at all the others to follow. It was almost like going on vacation for a couple of hours! I especially noticed how often the hexagon was used. Here’s a collection of vintages, hexi quilts included to share.

#1. Genuine vintage quilt via Old Green Shutters Antiques, Indiana.

genuine vintage quilts old green shutters antiques Indiana


Old Green Antique Shutters


#2. 1930’s vintage quilt Le Moyne Star

Le Moyne star vintage quilts 1930


#3. Vintage Wedding Double Rings quilt spotted at the quilt fest, UK

vintage quilts double wedding ring quilt fest UK

Quilt Fest UK


#4. Vintage quilt sold on Ebay from an old estate.

vintage quilts ebay


#5. Vintage with beautiful scalloped border.

vintage quilt scalloped border


#6. Vintage 30s Blue Snails Trail Fan quilt.

Vintage 30s Blue Snails Trail Fan quilt

#7. 1940’s Vintage Grandmothers Flower Garden. Depression era vintage textile art.


vintage quilts 1940s grandmothers flower garden


#8. Vintage Grandmothers Flower Garden. Exact details unknown.

vintage quilts grandmothers flower garden quilt pattern


#9. “A Thread of Scarlet” Circa 1850 Princess feather pattern. Very old Antique.

vintage quilts A Thread of Scarlet Circa circa 1850 princess feather


#10. Vintage style Quilt Grandmothers Flower Garden. Vintage and still a favorite today.

vintage quilts grandmothers flower garden


#11. Vintage Applique Quilt Sold on Ebay.

vintage applique quilt


#12.  1940’s Patchwork quilt.

1940s patchwork

#13. Welsh Yo Yo quilt 1930’s pattern

Welsh yo yo quilt 1930s pattern


#14. Fabric from the 1930’s

quilt fabric 1930s


#15. “Chateau de Fleurs” Vintage quilt

chateau de fleurs vintage quilts

Feature img:Pinterest


Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt pattern available here

See how to display your vintage quilts on a stylish quilt rack here.

Treasure your vintage quilts.

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