Why Fat Quarter Kits Are No Waste And So Much More Fun

If You Buy Fat Quarters More Than You Use Them

If you have fat quarters that aren’t in pre-bundled form, it can be challenging to figure out how to choose the right combination of colors, values, and prints, and sew them into the beautiful quilt on the pattern cover. It isn’t always possible to get perfect combinations of fat quarters bought at different times, and then they just accumulate.



Sometimes, putting together fat quarters is kind of hit or miss, and then it’s facing the challenge of finding a quilt pattern to use. There is a charm to making a quilt from pre auditioned fabrics, and just sewing, getting it done, and loving it!

fat quarters fabric Annies Kit club for quilters


Even some bundled fat quarters can present problems. After spending a lot of time debating colours, patterns and textures, trying to figure out how to use them in a quilt, then not liking the effect at all when it’s put together. All the while, the scrap basket fills up with orphans.

If you struggle picking out a grouping of fat quarters, and never happy with the contrast that you get, fat quarter kits are inexpensive, the perfectly matched pattern is included, and the end result is the magazine quality quilt to the finish! It’s a great place for a beginner to get started and totally fall in love with quilting.

Thereafter, use the pattern over and over, choosing your own fabrics, colors and textures, and making it truly your own. Kits are super fun and you’ll find out smart tips for combining fat quarters along the way.

Included in the kits are illustrated instructions, so it’s almost like a quick quilting course!

In this video, Laura Ann Coia of Sew Very Easy, shows how she uses her delicious kits, plus her post-it note trick to keep track of fabric pieces so there’s no getting cuts muddled up. This 10 minute video is an invaluable free mini course, loaded with tips and tricks to get the perfect quilt!

If you would love more quilt patterns that use fat quarters, the kits provided by Annies Kit Clubs are a super smart combination, and not easily found anywhere. Kits contain a fabric bundle of select fat quarters, perfectly suited to the pattern, with the project and design mapped out! Then, after completing the kit project, the pattern, which you have already tried out, and become totally familiar with, can be used over and over using fabrics of your choice and to suit any season.



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