A Stunning Wedding Quilt With A Simple Bargello

Use Any Set Of Colors.

Piece this contemporary wedding quilt that can be personalised once you know the wedding colors. An exciting modern take using a traditional Bargello to lavish a special couple. When the wedding quilt is complete, use this easy strip quilt piecing pattern to make one for your own room.


Molly from Purl Soho came up with this amazing Bargello quilt piecing long strips together. The bold top comes together quickly to show the ripple design. Molly’s suggestions for fabric choice and how to gradually lead colors into one another is clear and easy to follow, plus there’s a cutting diagram to download and print to help keep the strips orientated.

wedding quilt pattern

Twenty to thirty 1/4 yards will yield a 75-inch by 84-inch quilt. If wanting to make the quilt larger Molly suggests:

To make a 105 X 96″ blanket (which should fit a king) you would need to add 10 more vertical rows. Additionally each vertical row would need to be one 12-inch block longer than in the original. I would add a white block to the bottom, below group D. I would also buy several more 1/4 yards of the bright fabrics and a couple more yards of the white.

The quilt is definitely not a traditional wedding quilt, but certainly unique and kind of appeals to a man and a woman. If you have a similar range of colors in your stash, make up this bold bargello.

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