Bold Bow Tie Blocks In Time For A Spring Picnic

A Colorful Array Of Foral Fabric Showcased In This Bow Tie Spring Picnic Quilt.

This is a fun design that is easy to piece, which makes it perfect for both beginner and advanced quilters. The bow tie block shines in all sorts of fabric, from vintage to modern. Re-position the blocks to look like picnic places in the park. It’s an early start to preparing for a Spring Picnic and this bow tie quilt is just right to bring those pretty ‘vintagey’ florals to life.

Use a mix of small to medium print in colorful florals for the ‘Spring Picnic’. Large bow ties provide a splash of fabric with a burst of color… just like spring! It’s so refreshing! This old fashioned quilt is perfect for grid quilting or meandering. Quilt a daisy on the white interlocking rings.

Bow Tie Quilt Spring

The rings are one of the gems of this quilt. By turning the bow ties they become interlocking rings. Use white fabric at the corners for the ‘quarter rings’, and quilt just a few petals using orange thread on white. The re-positioning of the bow ties offer a lot of options. What a lovely idea for a corner!

Bow Tie quilt ideas for the corners

Vintage florals are very inspiring. I find them easy to work with. Fabric does not always have the same effect when cut into squares or made into blocks, and may not give the same appeal as a whole piece of material. Choose a main theme color through the florals and use dark colors for the corner bow ties.

Try getting the same color flower or print in the dark colors to accent your favorite flower running though the vintage print. Use matching orange thread for the bow tie ‘rings’ to quilt the daisies and tie the theme color together.

Large blocks show off the florals, at 12″ x 12″ the quilt sews up really quick. Take advantge of the broad border to display your favorite print and tie in with a deep red/orange binding that picks up the pretty red tulips and wild flowers. The border is in tiny floral prints. The same fabric used for the backing fabric creates a little peep color to savour when the corner of the quilt is turned back.

Spring Picnic quilted daisies