Bowtie Blocks With Scottie Dogs In A Snowball

Dog Lovers Will Adore This Scottie Dog Lap Quilt.

Two pups facing each other are ready for play, while others are scouting the garden. These happy Scottie dogs lift your spirits and warm your heart every time you see them. This delightful quilt with no less than 18 snowballs of playful Scottie dogs with tails up, will break every dog lovers heart.


Dogs on a quilt are always cute and these jet black Scotties against snow white blocks are waiting to be snuggled. For the snowballs, find scraps of white fabric to cut a 9 1/2″ square and enough to make 18. Make the snowballs in preparation for the ‘bowties’ by adding a square of each print to the corners of the snowball and cutting a diagonal at the corners. The bowtie forms when placing matching fabric to the fabric on the corner square. Cut the dogs out and fuse into place.

scottie dog quilt fabric

For the bow tie blocks use the cute Scottish Charm collection from Kanvas Studio. Checks, plaids and geometrics in reds and blacks would also work well, and for extra charm, the addition of a novelty doggie print. The doggie snowball block makes a great feature for totes, tote pockets and really cute on a dog pillow.

Templates are provided for the doggie and collar bow.


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