Exciting New Quilt With Butterfly Threads

Butterfly Threads Quilt Pattern Line Up Those Four Patches

This Butterfly Thread quilt pattern may sound complicated but all it comes down to is sewing nine patches. The esay step by step builds the blocks quickly. Choose any fabric colors. Make 12 blocks for the throw size. The large quilt requires 25 blocks for the Queen size. Easy!

These are the fabric requirements excluding the border:

Yardage:                              Throw size                          Queen size

Background                        2 ½ yds                                 4 ½ yds
Focus fabric                        ¾ yd                                       1 ½ yds
Accent fabric                      ¾ yd                                       1 ½ yds

You’ll be making 48 four patches from 2” squares or strips. Use two squares of background fabric and two squares of accent fabric for each block. These blocks will measure 3 ½” when you have them assembled. If you are making the larger size quilt, you will need to make 100 of the 4 patch units.

If you are using all one fabric for your focus fabric your block will look like a star. If you are using scrappy or a contrasting fabric in the center, your block may look more like a flower.

butterfly threads quilt block

Once the blocks are assembled it’s just a matter of using the strip sets for sashing and the nine patches for cornerstones.
butterfly quilt block


butterfly threads quilt pattern irish chain block


Hope that’s enough to get started.

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