Floral Quilt Makes You Feel Happy Under It

Floral Quilt To Surround Yourself In Flowers

If you just adore florals then this floral quilt is to be made just for you. Ok make one as a gift too, but the first one should be for you. This floral lap quilt pattern is pretty simple to do.

If you love a flower garden you’ll feel extra special when you pull this flower quilt over you for a quick nap, or when you’re in the garden with a quilting magazine  🙂  and you just want that something over your lap.

This colorful quilt is perfect for a throw over your patio bench. Imagine how pretty to bring it out on a picnic. I can think of heaps of dreamy days under these blooms! Almost any color backing would match the quilt top. As for the binding, just add random colors of fabric as you go to make it up.

The size for each block is 6 inch squares. This floral quilt was made up with 80 squares, using at least 10 different floral variations of fabric. If you haven’t already, start collecting floral fabric… pieces, check out your stash and see if you can come out with enough to make 80 squares.

80 squares of 6 inch square floral fabric
Use 10 variations of florals for a nice mix.
Layout will be 8 squares across, 10 squares down.

Choose which ones you’ll put together in a block of four. Sew four patches of four together. Press.
Lay the blocks out four by five. Move them around until you get a nice variation of the floral fabric.

floral quilt blocks
When you’re happy with your special design, sew the blocks together. Press. There is your floral quilt top.  Quilt and bind as desired.

floral quilt lap quilt


Thanks Susie at Susies Scraps for sharing your beautiful floral quilt with us.

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