If You’re Struggling To Choose Colors Try Neutral

Neutral Colors Are Exciting And Go With Almost Any Decor

Neutral quilts are stunning and eye catching, using shades or value to create dimension to define a design. A neutral is anything that’s not on the color wheel, which leaves a lot of choices. Enjoy the freedom of not always wanting to stick to a single fabric line, and end up grabbing fabric from all over the store.


While walking around the store trying to pick out fabric for your quilt, consider neutrals for a quilt. Using a mix of neutral, together with muted blues and dark chocolate, makes the design pop. A table runner is a great start.

Table runner neutral fabrics

A no-color palette needn’t be dreary, with sand and drab beige usually chosen for mens quilts.

quilts for men

Pat Wys of Silver Thimble Quilts, says that color gives the credit, but value does the work! Value is contrast, or the degree of lightness or darkness of a color. If you want to build your color confidence, try an all-neutral quilt. An outdoor or nature lover would love this tree quilt.

Tree quilt neutral fabrics


In her book, Knock Out Neutrals, Pat provides a collection of 12 designs for neutral quilts. Included is helpful ideas and guidance for making neutrals. The quilts work effectively with other color palettes too.


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