Jelly Roll Jam Quilt Patterns Made Bigger

Size Up Jelly Roll Jam Quilt Patterns To Make Larger Quilts

One Moda Jelly Roll consists of 42 strips, and using the ‘Jelly Roll Jam’, you can make two 36 inch square baby quilts. To make the quilt sizes larger, follow this guide to use when making a Jelly Roll Jam quilt .


Kimberly mentions that you’ll end up with some extra blocks for some of the sizes using these measurements. Use the extra blocks for a table runner or mini quilt. The excess fabric after cutting 6.5 inch blocks from the sewn strips, can be turned into appliqued letters to make matching pillows!

how to adjust size jelly roll quilts

The baby quilt finishes at a generous 36 1/2″ square, and can be displayed over the back of a chair. No matter what size, follow the pattern directions on making the blocks and the block layout. Use Kimberley’s guide from the Fat Quarter Shop for fabric requirements, block sizes and layout as shown below:-

  • SMALL LAP QUILT – 48″ square
    1 Jelly Roll, 5/8 yard binding, and 3 1/4 yards backing
    Make 16 blocks. Lay them into a 4 x 4 block layout.
  • MEDIUM LAP QUILT – 60″ square
    2 Jelly Rolls, 5/8 yard binding, and 4 yards backing
    Make 25 blocks. Lay them into a 5 x 5 block layout.
  • LARGE LAP QUILT – 72″ square
    2 Jelly Rolls, 2/3 yard binding, and 4 5/8 yards backing
    Make 36 blocks. Lay them into a 6 x 6 block layout.
  • TWIN or SINGLE BED QUILT – 72″ x 96″ (this will give you a generous overhang, adjust as desired)
    3 Jelly Rolls, 7/8 yard binding, 5 7/8 yards backing
    Make 48 blocks. Lay them into a 6 x 8 block layout.
  • QUEEN BED QUILT – 96″ square
    4 Jelly Rolls, 1 yard binding, 8 7/8 yards backing
    Make 64 blocks. Lay them into a 8 x 8 block layout.
  • KING BED QUILT – 108″ square
    5 Jelly Rolls, 1 yard binding, 9 7/8 yards backing
    Make 81 blocks. Lay them into a 9 x 9 block layout.

You can do so many creative things with this little quilt. Add in extra strips cutting 2.5″ x width of fabric (WOF) strips from another fabric to add in. Put left over jelly strips together, and use up lengths of fabric from previous cuts. Once you’ve figured which size quilt you would like to make, get the free pattern and follow the video tutorial for The Jelly Roll Jam Quilt Pattern here.

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