Lovie Lap Quilts With Pockets Keep You Snug As A Bug In A Rug

Lovie Lap Quilts With Pockets Pretty and Bright

These Lovie lap quilts with pockets are so appealing. I can’t imagine anyone not wanting one of these. Being a lap quilt size, it would be quick and easy. Anyone could make one using the Lovie Lap Quilt With Pockets pattern. What a great idea!

There are so many different variations. Large bold florals, pinwheel blocks in contrasting colors. Butterflys and Nautical. There’s one called Gone Fishing,  and even kittens!

The quilt with pockets is really handy for the elderly, perfect for someone wheelchair bound. There couldn’t be a nicer gift. Using bright happy fabric is sure to bring a smile. Once the quilt is on and hands slipped into the pocket, who wouldn’t feel as snug as a bug in a rug!

Here is a collection of how different each lap quilt looks using fabric variations, star blocks and florals. Can’t decide which to choose!



lovie lap quilts with pockets soft blue green


Who would say no to a beautiful bunch of giant Dahlias!

Lovie lap quilts with pockets dahlias


Rose fabric border.lap quilt Lovie Star block blue


Flannel lining added here for exra warmth.

lovie lap quilt with flannel


Florals are sure to please.

Lovie lap quilt with pockets garden flowers


Bold red pinwheel softened with bright florals to compliment.

lap quilt with extra pocket red pinwheel block


Nautical never dates.

Lovie lap quilt Nautical fabric

Nor does Gone Fishing!

lovie lap quilt Gone Fishing


Can’t imagine a lap quilt with kittens not bringing a smile to someones face. They’re adorable. Look at those three kittens in the front. Here comes trouble!!

lovie lap quilts with pockets kittens


Butterflies always give your spirits a lift.

Lap quilt with pockets butterflies

Lovie Quilts With Pockets Pattern is available for purchase.

Buy Lovie Lap Quilts With Pockets Homesewn

how to make a lap quilt with pockets


The ready made Lovie lap quilt is available for purchase too.


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