Make A Spool Pincushion Something New and Fresh For The Sewing Room

Hang These Pincushion Softies For Decor.

These sweet Spool pincushions started off being softies for kids. Then they were hung for colorful decor in the sewing room. Can you think of anything nicer than making one for a pincushion, something new and fresh to add to your new sewing room decor.


Of course you get to use up 1″ scrap strips to make these easy pincushions, just the right width for the strips that were about to be tossed into the ‘random size’ bag. Make them colorful and scrappy, or use fabric of the same color with different values and interesting prints. Depending on your decor, soft powder colors look great in a light grey and white sewing room.

spool shaped pincushion

If you’re freshening up the sewing room decor, Bridgette, the Spool Pincushion designer, has a bright and fresh sewing room with the addition of this sewing cart. The features of that cart are just perfect. They’re available from here.

Sauder Sewing Cart white

spool softies for sewing room decor

You can see the spool pincushions hanging the corner, so pretty in bright colors against the white. I love the neutral fabric used for the ‘wood’ spools, a color in most quilters stash. The spools can be made in two sizes, a 3 inch for the pincushion, or make a jumbo spool for a trendy patchwork pillow. The pillows are just gorgeous for the sewing room, displayed on a casual chair or sofa.

spool throw pillow sewing room decor

Make a set for a lovely gift.


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