Quilters Pressing Station Easy DIY

Rethink The Ironing/Pressing Board And Make Your Own With Storage Underneath!

A pressing station beats a regular ironing board, and since it is never put away, the space underneath the board can be put to much needed storage and accessibility space. Here’s a great DIY tutorial that you can mostly do yourself, which is also a quick corner makeover for the sewing room!


This station will freshen up your favorite place, a great start to the new year, and you can put every inch of space to optimum use. The cabinet to be used in the DIY is just perfect, the cubicles even take a domestic size sewing machine, and the tutorial includes tips on cute storage boxes that could later be covered with your favorite fabric for a quick decor change.

quilters ironing station with storage

diy quilters station

The soft neutral wood colors of this ready made shelving unit will fit in with most decor colors. ( a little pricey but it’s the perfect size). White is nice too. Choose the fabric for the cover to compliment your color scheme, and make the cover using this easy tutorial here.

Put the entire project on easy roll wheel castors with foot tapping locks, and this fun little work space sets the scene, ready to get started on the next sewing project!


diy ironing station for quilting sewing room

diy ironing station for sewing room

Follow this easy DIY pressing station tutorial from Katie over at Sew Katie Did , which includes measurements for the plywood top, and the how-to to complete.


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