Save On Your Quilt Batting And Use Up Every Scrap

How To Piece Quilt Batting And Get It Perfect.

It’s no problem to join pieces of batting to finish a quilt project, but will it be secure and sturdy enough to use in a quilt? Those left over pieces can easily be joined, providing enough to finish a project. Left over batting has it’s own scrap bag and if it’s anything like mine, it’s brimming.


After a quilt has been layered and quilted, most times there will be some excess quilt batting that needs to be trimmed away from around the edges. Rather than throwing away all of your smaller scrap sizes of batting, save them and learn how quick and easy it can be to piece together small pieces of batting.

join batting

Use up every scrap of batting. Piecing batting is unlike stitching together two pieces of fabric. The batting needs to be totally flat without a seam in order to be able to use it in a quilt. Heather from The National Quilters Circle has come up with a great idea to piece your batting, any type and and any size, so that the batting is just as perfect as it was before it was cut.  For great results and easy stitching try using a stitch in the ditch edge joining foot available here.

batting for quilts

You will lose a little batting in this process because to start with before joining, the sides have to be perfectly straight. Pieces are laid next to each and stitched securely. However the batting has be smooth and ready to use without causing any imperfections that will show through the quilt. Watch Heather’s video to learn how she gets her batting perfect, nice and sturdy ready to use. It’s all in the type of stitching that she founds works likes a charm. You’ll never throw away another scrap of batting again!


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