Scrap Quilt Pattern:Grab Your Stash And Make A Scrap Patch Paddlewheel

A Scrap Quilt Pattern That Turns Your Scraps Into A Beautiful Paddlewheel Quilt


Dig into your scrap stash and have fun making the Scrap Patch Paddlewheel quilt. It was featured in the magazine the Thimbleberries Scrap Quilt Magazine and I just fell in love with the border, besides the rest of the quilt which is just lovely.

This Thimbleberries scrap quilt is a mix of  dark prints, with beige for contrast. When putting the block together you simply alternate one pinwheel block, one patch block. Notice some of the dark squares bring out rich tones in the colors of the mixed squares. The patch block gives the pinwheel a dimensional feel.

For this Paddlewheel scrap quilt you’ll be making 71 pinwheel blocks. From your dark print scraps cut 142   3 -7/8 inch squares. From beige print cut 142  3-7/8 inch squares. Sew the triangle pieced squares together in pairs. Sew the pairs together to make pinwheel blocks. The pinwheel blocks will measure 6 1/2 inch square. It will make 71 pinwheel blocks.Then go on to make the 72 sixteen patch blocks.

scrap quilt patterns with pinwheels

The finished size of this scrap quilt pattern is 78″ x 90″.

The border was quilted with a cross stitch design. The gold leaf against the dark background gives this quilt an autumn feel. The dark scrap squares in the patch block come to life with the dark border. It all works together really well, yet the fabrics don’t really match.

quilted border of a scrap quilt pattern

Start digging around in your scraps to get the patch block going.Some dark prints in between look great with this one. Then compliment with the dark border.

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