Scrappy Rose For Any Occasion

Scrappy Rose Brightens Anyones Day

A quaint idea to use those bags of strips filling up to make this appealing scrappy rose. Any color fabric will do. Here it is used as a brooch.  Even the plain white is just lovely. Another idea is to clip on to a handbag for a fashion statement. How about attaching one to travel luggage for a quick spotting on the luggage carousel. Besides looking great too!

From one idea to another, use fabric strips to make a different style. One for day wear, then make one more lavish for evening wear or a special occasion! Add bits of lace, or a rhinestone.

Simply stitch a few strips together, roll into a circle, attach a backing and pin! What a neat idea. Throw one or two into a gift. Make one for the kids to put on their school bag. The next thing you know, everyone will want one.

You’ll need 2 1/2 ” wide strips various lengths of  3″ to 14″ long. Stitch together till you have a length of about 2 yards. That will make a 5″ rose or flower. The total length will determine the size of the rose. Use shorter strips and more of them to make up two yards for more color.

Increase the stitch length as high as it will go and increase the thread tension as high as it will go. Now sew down your strip again right along your sewn/serged edge. The strip should gather as you go.

make the strips for a scrappy rose brooch


Start by folding the raw edges in and handstitching the rose in place. Continue to wrap the sewn edges around. Try and keep the sewn edges lined up and flat. Stitch as you go. If you secure the layers loosely to the previous layer, you’ll get a better result.

how to make a scrappy rose brooch from fabric strips


Cut a circle out of your felt, just big enough to cover all of the sewn edges.

what to use for the backing of a fabric brooch


Use a hot glue gun tp attch the backing and pin.


scrappy rose brooch completed



how to make a scrappy rose brooch


pretty scrappy rose on a handbag


how to make a fabric rose brooch

Have fun making a scrappy rose!


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