The Perfect Diagonal Without Marking Each Square

Make A Perfect Diagonal Using A Cardboard Strip.

There are times when there’s not enough time to sew, but you’re wanting to attend to scraps and projects. This short cut will save time and help use up a pile of rectangles and squares to create a perfect diagonal using the stitch and flip method.



No need to mark every one. Donna Amos, a member of the QM Scrap Squad shared her tip to stitch and flip diagonals using a strip if cardboard. She had a mound of rectangles piled up that she planned to use for a project. To get started the rectangles had to be prepared, but Donna disliked the thought of having to mark all those squares.

how to sew diagonals without marking

Using a strip of cardboard placed diagonally across the square can be used to stitch and trim a diagonal block. This will work with half square triangles too.

No need to mark the lines, Donna has had great success using the cardboard strip as a seam guide. You’ll get a perfect diagonal seam and chain as many as you wish. Flip the smaller patch over and press.


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