Watermelon Fabric By Design For This Adorable Quilt

Make Your Own Watermelon Fabric Then Enjoy Making This Quilt

To make this delightful watermelon quilt, you get to make the watermelons first! How delightful! This watermelon fabric looks good enough to each, it’s so fresh. The colors are so summer. They’re bright yet still neutral. I would expect this watermelon quilt to fit in with a patio as a lap quilt. I’m taken by the fabric used for the melon slices as the watermelon fabric has tiny little stars in the pattern design making the melon slice look as though it’s glistening. How unique.

Now you might look at this pattern which is full of demanding curved seams. If I was ever fretful over curved seams in the past, I certainly am not any longer. You will feel the same after you’ve watched this video. The curved seams just work out. Either that or this quilter simply has something I don’t. Those curved seams to get the watermelon slice are as easy as!

The moment I saw the video on making the watermelon fabric, I couldn’t wait to get started on this watermelon quilt, in bright reds with lime green rinds, but wait for it… black and white polka dot backing fabric!

watermelon fabric for a quilt

The last point I’ll add about this pattern is that the seeds are optional. If appliqué does not appeal to you, just skip it. This pattern should be fun and whimsical and if appliquéing tiny seeds onto your melons is going to be a dark cloud over the experience, those melons can just be seedless.

watermelon fabric with seeds applique

Here’s the video on sewing curves. Although the video isn’t exactly the watermelon quilt, it shows how to sew the curves that you will be using to make the watermelon fabric. Then grab the watermelon quilt pattern download below the video. It’s the full quilt pattern from  start, that is making the watermelon fabric, right to finishing the quilt. Can’t wait to start!

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