Wings Bird Mug Rug In A Twisty Hexagon

Fussy Cut Fabric To Put This Beautiful Bird On Display.

A hexagon mug rug frames this bird silhouette set against a soft cream background. If you love quilting with birds, stitch your ‘bird watching’ into this mug rug. Half hexagon patches are sewn using a log cabin technique, making the perfect frame for your favorite fussy cut.


The center piece of the hexagon is of course the feature. To save time, a quick and easy home made template for the hexagon can be made from freezer paper. To get started, find a medium scale bird print to fussy cut and place the freezer over the print to center the motif before cutting. It’s fun playing around a little, moving the template here and there till you get your best snap shot. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries before you settle on your favorite piece, each one as pretty as the next! It’s hard to decide which ones you love best, or make a lot of different ones to make up a set.

quilting fabric birds

Use two different prints that go together well for the hexagon frame, especially choosing colors that enhance the rich tones of the bird, or chosen center piece. This bird was fussy cut from the Wings Collection by Jennifer Young, however there are beautiful bird fabrics to choose from.

bird prints fabric Wings Collection

Debby of Debby Kratovil Quilts, constructed the easy Hexagon twist, sewing six half-hexagon ‘patches’ around the center using a log cabin technique! Once the first patch is pressed, the next half hexagon is added without needing to trim each strip after sewing. You’ll be surprised how quick and easy the mini project finishes up, bringing the binding from the back to the front.

mug rug bird fabric

Debbie secured the binding with a serpentine stitch. This quaint little mug rug finished at 12″ high and about 13″ wide and is just adorable, especially if you love birds, or choose any favorite!

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