You’ve Got Mail Quilting Delight- Layer Cake Friendly Quilt Project

You’ve Got Mail – Quilting Mail!

The fun thing about this quilt is that we’re calling it “you’ve got mail” because it’s all based on these envelopes and we all love to have that mail. As much as email and all that improves our lives and speeds things up, when you get that handwritten mail in your hand it just means something, it’s really special.

So to make this quilt you’ll be using two layer-cakes. One is a solid background and then the other one is Tim Holtz’s new fabric called Eclectic Elements and it’s by Coats, and I love this fabric. Look at the clocks and the tape measurers and the letters. I just love this kind of fabric it’s so cute. Look at the piano key border around it. The border is 5″ wide. Use two charm packs for that. Basically you just cut them in half, mix them up and you sew long sides together and make a long strip for your borders.

The block we are using is called the envelope block, and it is made using half-square triangles. To make the half-square triangles is sew all the way around the outside edge, just completely around and then cut it diagonally both sides.

The only thing you need to make sure of when you’re laying these out is that they are all pointing the same direction. You don’t want the renegade letter going off to the side.

Look at some of these “You’ve Got Mail” quilt patterns that were made into wall hangings and are literally being used for mail.

you've got mail wall quilt

How about this quilty one.

wall quilt youve got mail for quilters

youve got mail colorful wall quilt

quilted wall hanging youve got mail


Here’s the ‘You’ve Got Mail’ Quilt Block.

youve got mail quilts

Tim Holtz’s  fabric called Eclectic Elements. Click here to see it.

eclectic elements for youve got mail quilt



Turn the envelope into almost anything creative. Here’s a video on making the quilted envelope. It’s really called the ‘You’ve Got Mail’ quilt.


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