Grandma’s Victory Quilt Beautiful In Monochromatic Batik Fabric

Batik Fabric Adds True Beauty To This Victory Quilt.

Grandma’s Victory quilt an inspiring design. I feel like falling into this quilt. The blues and greens of the Batik fabric are so soothing, it’s true… it feels like a day at the beach and the colors are washing over you. The color scheme adds to the beauty of the design. Monochrome colors lend to the dimension of the block, creating a floating on water effect which is very soothing.


Based on a true vintage quilt called Grandma’s Victory. The first  Grandma’s quilt that Lyn Brown has patterned which she says is as close as she could figure, and as I understand it, a variation of the Nelson’s Victory block. Lucky us. This quilt is gorgous and to think that it is a true vintage.

Batik fabric lends itself to this quilt and would also be beautiful in any choice of fabric. However the monochromatic color scheme is really effective, especially the blues and greens set against a crisp clean white background.


Fabric requirements for this quilt:

3/8 yard each 5 Blue/Green batiks
5/8 yard Aqua batik
2 1/8 yard Dark Teal batik
2 1/8 yard very light blue batik
Backing to size
Basic sewing tools and supplies

Finished size is 63″ x 79″.

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