Sew Up This Christmas Tree Quilt To Top The Holiday Cheer

A Jelly Roll Or Strips Are All You Need

A strip tube method, chain piecing 2 strips together makes a dazzling tree quilt super quick to create. With the sneaky addition of the background fabric to the dark strips, and you already have the beginnings of your tree shape. The tree may appear to be solid blocks set on a tangent, however a light strip stitched in every third tube of strip sets will stagger the quilt blocks, giving it a real tree effect.


Start with red and green to get into the Holiday swing of things! You could make your tree all green if you want to, then add little glints of red to make it look like it’s decorated. Use strips with brown/gold for a twinkling effect. Now start to ‘decorate’ by placing the blocks for the body of the tree.

Jelly Roll Christmas Tree quilt

If you see too much of one color in one spot, all you have to do is trade a block.

how to make a christmas tree quilt

Donna Jordan of Jordan Fabrics explains how to sew 3 sets of tubes which are cut into squares using a strip tube ruler. The resulting half square triangles are amazing!

Using the Strip Tube Template makes cutting really fast, however, if you don’t have one, the pattern tells you how to complete your cutting without the template. If you don’t have a Jelly roll, the pattern is also designed to use with 1/4 yard cuts.

The pattern includes instructions for a Wall hanging, Throw or Queen. To make it a throw or queen just add more borders.


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